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If you want to learn how to generate leads and sell cars through Facebook's Messenger in the next 24 hours ...even if you suck at technology and you know nothing about chatbots (and at an amazing bargain), this is for you.


Here's what you're getting with our Quest for Trades Messenger Marketing Chatbot and how it can help you sell cars NOW.

  • Generate Leads, Acquire New Customers, And Sell Cars Faster Than Even Before

    With 1.3 billion people using Messenger and more people using messaging apps than people using social media today, and very little car dealers and salespeople using this powerful tool; the opportunity to take over the platform in your trading area is simply phenomenal.


    Think about it: if marketing is identifying where potential prospects are, going there, and offering them a solution to their problem; then it would be a strategical error not to be on Messenger where vehicle shoppers are and love to be!


    Our Messenger Quest for Trade Done-For-You Chatbot provides a turnkey solution to engage with vehicle shoppers around your dealership in a fun, engaging, and natural back and forth where the chatbot is asking questions, and they are replying with answers just like in a normal conversation.


    If you're the first in your trading area, you will have never seen leads and opportunities to sell vehicles come in as fast as with Messenger Marketing!

  • Get a 99% Open Rate and a 90% Response Rate To Your Offers

    Other than the actual way you communicate, the biggest difference between email, SMS and Messenger Marketing is with open rates and response rates. Open rates hover around 20% for Email, 98% for SMS and 100% for Messenger. But more importantly, response rates average around 6% for Email, 45% for SMS and a monumental 90% for Messenger Marketing.


    Ding, ding, ding: we got a winner by massive knockout!


    If you’re going to take the time to create content or an offer, wouldn’t you want 100% of your customers and prospects to open your communications and 90% of them to respond?


    Well, yeah!


    Imagine how many more vehicles you will be selling!

  • Build A Conquest List of Vehicle Owners and Shoppers In Your Trading Area

    Most dealers I talk to are getting warier of sending email and SMS broadcasts to their existing customer list. I understand. You don’t want to annoy customers that are the bread and butter of your service and parts department and irritate them to the point where they won’t even consider buying their next vehicle from you.


    But what’s the solution? Do you need to spend money tirelessly each month to put your dealership’s offers in front of prospective buyers? Please no! You can simply learn how to turn prospects and potential customers into subscribers to your Messenger list, and you’ll be able to send them offers for free each month if they engage with your messages. 


    Right now, top marketers are turning a 400% ROI on Messenger Marketing. Your dealership could use this new automotive marketing opportunity to build a list of thousands of Messenger subscribers for peanuts and use this list to explode the sales and profits of all your dealership’s departments for years to come.


    But remember, you got to be first!

In this spirit of helping you be the first out of the gates gathering Messenger subscribers for pennies, generating leads, selling cars and growing the sales and profits of your dealership; I decided to go a bit differently about the Messenger chatbot opportunity then my usual M.O.


Usually, I would try to learn everything I can about the subject and create in-house the team of coders that would provide our dealers with the solution. But in this case, since time is of the utmost importance for your dealership, I went a different way. I first identified the worlds foremost teaching institution on Messenger chatbots and asked them to put me in contact with their best graduates.


The results were fast and stunning! Creating a strategic partnership between Turbo’s automotive marketing thinktank with the “best of the best” regarding Messenger chatbot turned out to be a winning combination.


Within a few weeks, we were able to turn our most powerful automotive conquest marketing campaign, Quest For Trades, into a chatbot turning Facebook users into driving customers for our dealers. Imagine turning 2% of Facebook ads impressions into clicks, 72% of clicks into Messenger subscribers and 20% of subscribers into quality trade-in leads for your dealership!


That’s crazy!


If you want to be the first to tap into the Messenger virgin automotive conquest lands and apply my Messenger Marketing 4-Step Formula to sell more vehicles to people outside of your database, without having to learn new technology and without wasting any money trying to figure things out through trial and error; I have great news for you.


I want to provide you prefered-access to our done-for-you turnkey Quest For Trades Messenger chatbot and give you over $500 in bonuses to make sure you crush it on Messenger, building your subscriber conquest list and selling cars like hotcakes!


But that’s not all. Our team also wanted the first few dealers who will take advantage of this offer to have additional bonus tools that would allow them to take advantage of the first-mover’s advantage even faster on the Messenger platform.

So during our special Quest For Trades Messenger chatbot launch offer, we will also include:

  • Our Home Page Growth Tool

    This tool will help you re-direct organic vehicle shoppers from your main Website directly into your Messenger Quest For Trades sales funnel to help you maximize leads and conversions from traffic using the Messenger app, and interested in trading their current vehicle.


    That's BONUS #1: a $97 Value!

  • Our Complete Pre-Launch Training For Your BDC/Sales Team

    We will provide your team with the tips and tactics our other dealers have been using to make the most out of the Quest For Trades campaign and "best-practices" on following up with the leads, voice-mail, two-step calls, emails and SMS strategies!


    That's BONUS #2: a $197 Value! 

  • Our Winning Facebook Messenger JSON Ads

    We will provide your dealership with the 9 winning Facebook ads including the exact script, images, and JSON code our other dealers are using right now to crush it with their Messenger Marketing campaigns so you don't have to figure out what works and what doesn't.

That’s over $500 in FREE bonuses and additional tools to help you launch your chatbot successfully and more importantly, DOMINATE the Messenger Marketing in your market so you can build your conquest Messenger list as fast as possible and for the lowest cost imaginable. All this while getting leads every day and selling cars to conquest vehicle shoppers who might have never reached out to your dealership.


This means you’ll get:

  • The complete Quest For Trades Messenger chatbot on your Facebook page synched to your ManyChat Pro account;
  • The powerful Quest For Trades video, the high-resolution converting images, and the proprietary chat sequence to help you build your conquest list and generate trade-in leads;
  • We will set up ManyChat to send the leads to your CRM or the email addresses of your BDC/Sales managers;
  • Our Home Page Growth-Tool;
  • Complete Pre-Launch Quest For Trades Training and scripts For Your BDC/Sales Team;
  • Our Winning Facebook Messenger JSON Ads.

All that would normally sell for $4,538, but with the special Quest For Trades Messenger Chatbot launch offer of 25% OFF and your 3 FREE bonuses worth over $500 in value…


…today you will be paying only $2,997.


And if you’re one of the first 10 dealers to order I’ll even do the set up of your Facebook Messenger ads myself so you’ll literally have nothing to do other than follow up with the leads and sell them a car.


I told you earlier you wouldn’t need a technology bone in you to dominate in your market with our Quest For Trades Messenger chatbot!

Are you excited about generating your first leads and selling vehicles to conquest vehicle shoppers who are right now using the Messenger app?


Look, there are two types of people in this world. People who get new information, think, rethink, overthink, and who finally paralysed and get stuck into inaction; or people like you and me who find new information, digest it, and act on it to get results.


You know you want to sell more vehicle to fresh customers without constantly “hitting” your database, and now you have the key to unlock conquest sales and the done-for-you turnkey Messenger campaign to get there.


Why wait?


Click the link and let’s get you moving now in the right direction.


I want to earn the privilege of working with you so you can try something different to sell some cars to people outside of your database. I understand I have one shot with your dealership, so we're not going to fumble with the opportunity to work with your store.


Get our turnkey Quest For Trades Messenger chatbot now! If you knew that this program would generate 10-20 cars for you this month, you would click the link now, right?




Sean Cassy